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Hey everyone! I've been in this server for a month now, and have enjoyed just about every moment of it. So might as well throw a little about me out there to get to know some of you!

I started playing RuneScape back in 2003-2004 with some family members, I played until EOC. Which was a terrible experience trying to figure out.. I didn't return until 2015 when someone told me OSRS had been released a couple years prior. During that time I was in the Army so I couldn't really play a lot, so I turned to private servers so I could still enjoy the game with my limited schedule. In 2021 I was medically retired from the Army. I took up a body piercing apprenticeship, and now I am an APP recognized piercer, while I attend MMI to become a Harley Davidson tech.

I found Zaros while on another server with a friend, we were ultimately bored with the lack of content, and lack of staff presence. So we decided to come try this server, a month later we are in a GIM with another friend and my girlfriend! If you would like to raid, learn bosses, or just need any general help message me in game! IGN: Kaiye.

Looking forward to meeting some of you!

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