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Vox - Content Tester Application


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Discord: Vox#8085

Experience: I've countless hours testing and fixing bugs for large mod lists for games like Fallout and TES, although I imagine its very different having access to modding\dev tools for those games.

Game knowledge:I definitely have a fair bit of knowledge from OSRS, 200+ days played across multiple accounts. But I don't have much knowledge for COX\TOB as I've learned those on Zaros. I have been doing quite a bit of TOA lately as well and feel I have a good understanding of the mechanics.

RSN: Basilocked 1922 totalironmanbtw

How could I be useful in testing Zaros: The content that I do understand, I know very well and could likely easily tell if something is not working as intended. I'd like to think that I have an attention to detail.

How much time can I spend testing weeky:I can expect to spend 6~ hours testing weekly, probably more for larger updates.

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