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Managing Kingdom (Miscellania)


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This will show you how to manage kingdom in Zaros, process is very similar to osrs. For additional information, here is the link to the osrs wiki page on the topic: Managing Miscellania - OSRS Wiki (runescape.wiki)

This guide is mostly relevant to ironman. Kingdom provides a good way to gather coal, herbs, and mahogany logs. 


1: Teleport to kingdom

This is found in the basic teleporter menu under the cities tab. 



2: Go upstairs to Advisor Grim



3: Talk to advisor grim to select the distribution of your subjects



4: Gain kingdom favor

Raking the flax and herb patch is the fastest. You can also talk to subjects around the kingdom to check how much approval you have. 

Note: approval will go down slightly each day, lower approval impacts the amount of resources received. Wiki page linked above also has additional tasks you can do to gain approval. 


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