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Tombs of Amascut Release Information


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After weeks of planning, development, and testing we're finally proud to announce the release of Raids III : Tombs of Amascut! This update will drop on Saturday, November 26th at 1PM UTC.
Quick Overview:
  • Throughout development, we've striven to keep all mechanics 1:1 with Oldschool Runescape. Players may use similar tactics described in videos and guides to successfully complete it. Invocations, scaling, and path levels all function correctly and will greatly change the difficulty and mechanics of the raid.
  • As usual, drop rates will be boosted in comparison to OSRS. More information will be posted on release day.
Release Competition:
  • We've got tons of prizes up for grabs! There is no restriction to how many prizes an individual player may win. All cash prizes can be claimed as Zaros Credits instead.
    • First player to get Tumeken's Guardian (pet)
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits
    • First Hardcore/Elite Hardcore Ironman to achieve 25 Solo Regular (or Expert) mode completions
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits
    • First player to get Tumeken's Shadow
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits
    • First player to obtain all three keris jewels
      • $100 or $150 Zaros Credits
    • Best solo challenge time after 30 days for entry, regular, and expert mode
      • $50 per mode
  • Take a screenshot of your collection log/ToA killcount and message "Hope#4103" on discord to claim your prize.
  • How do I obtain the Keris Partisan?
    • While normally obtained from the quest on OSRS, the keris is instead available for purchase in the slayer reward shop.
  • Can I dismantle my spirit shields (to use the sigil on elidinis' ward)?
    • Yes, spirit shields can now be dismantled by speaking to Abbot Langley in the Edgeville Monastary.
  • What will the drop rates be?
    • More information will be posted on release day.
  • Will bonus scrolls or town perks be added?
    • Not initially on release, but in the next content update after the competition has ended bonus scrolls will be added to the voting store and a town perk will be added.
  • Is Tombs of Amascut safe for hardcore ironmen?
    • No! Any death will result in your hardcore status being removed.
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7 hours ago, Timboz said:


It's not working for me on mobile anymore? Is there a new link for updates? Or is it not playable?

Mobile wont be a thing anymore, osrs went to a diff host or something and zaros cant get that so mobile is gone

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