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Ape Gang


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  • Apes changed the title to Ape Gang - Largest PK Community on the server!
  • In-game name: Splitsecondx
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself  (If you cant think of anything, tell us about what you like to do in Zaros or irl.): Love sports, football basketball badminton etc... Started playing rs havent played in a long time
  • Will you follow our clan rules and Zaros rules?: Yes
  • Do you've a mic?(Willing to a voice server): Half working
  • Why would you like to join our clan?: Take over wildy
  • Do you have any Pking experience? Yes
  • Do you have any experience bridding or warring? Not really
  • Did anyone recommend you to join the clan? (If so who): S A M
  • Time zone or country: England
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  • Apes changed the title to Ape Gang

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