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What Are Your IRL Goals?


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Everyone always talks about what they are grinding on in game... so I´d like to know what you´re grinding in real life. With out doxing yourself, share your IRL goals in this thread.


I´ll start

It´s about time for a big promotion at work

It´s about time for me to have a child with my wife

It´s about time to get serious about  saving up for some acreage in the country and once I do, nobody will ever hear from me again.

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4 hours ago, Inuyasha said:

It's about time I get sober, am 24 years old and in rehab, 2 months and 9 days clean of weed and alcohol. Planning on joining the army, or most likely the police force in the near future. 

Good luck with your goals, wildyonlyim. 😉

That's a really good goal. I was a total screw up all throughout college, then when I joined the Army everything went uphill. The armed services have a way of sorting out our issues for us. Best of luck, I wish you the best of luck!

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