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Winter of events!


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Ho Ho Ho,

Welcome to the Winter of Events.

What is the Winter of Events you might ask? Every single day starting tomorrow until the end of January, there will be a different randomly picked 24 hour bonus applied, I have gone ahead and used a random number generator to pick the order. Weekend of Events will still be stocked with other events/bonuses, so don't worry!

December 20th: Birdhouse bonus
December 21st: Bonus gold drops
December 22nd: Bonus LMS Points
December 23rd: Bonus Clue scroll rolls
December 24th: Zalcano boost
December 25th: Nightmare boost & Sepulchre boost
December 26th: Bonus Molch Pearls
December 27th: Bonus Tombs of Amascut Points
December 28th: Bonus Chambers of Xeric Points
December 29th: Pest Control boost
December 30th: Bonus runes
December 31th: Bonus pet rates
January 1st: Gauntlet boost & Bonus molch pearls
January 2nd: Bonus slayer points
January 3rd: Bonus XP
January 4th: Gauntlet boost
January 5th: Bonus Carpenter points
January 6th: Sepulchre boost
January 7th: Bonus Wintertodt points
January 8th: Bonus drop rates
January 9th: Bonus blood money
January 10th: Theatre of Blood boost
January 11th: Nightmare boost
Januari 12th: Bonus slayer drops
Januari 13th: Bonus Chambers of Xeric Points
Januari 14th: Bonus Tombs of Amascut Points
Januari 15th: Bonus gold drops
Januari 16th: Birdhouse bonus
Januari 17th: Zalcano boost
Januari 18th: Bonus slayer points
Januari 19th: Bonus Clue scroll rolls
Januari 20th: Bonus slayer drops
Januari 21th: Bonus blood money
Januari 22th: Bonus pet rates
Januari 23th: Bonus Wintertodt points
Januari 24th: Bonus Carpenter points
Januari 25th: Bonus XP
Januari 26th: Pest Control boost
Januari 27th: Bonus Runes
Januari 28th: Bonus LMS Points
Januari 29th: Sepulchre boost
Januari 30th: Bonus drop rates
Januari 31th: Theatre of Blood boost



We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
May 2023 bring everything you want!

Kind regards,
The Zaros Staff Team

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