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How to change sound effects from the "C Engineer: Completed" Plugin


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Before the guide begins make sure you have the plugin downloaded if you don't already check the spoiler if you need help installing it.



Click this icon which is next to the X to close runelite: pRcwtXM.png

then click "plugin hub" at the bottom:


Now the plugin hub is a great place to get any other plugins but the one we want is "C Engineer: Completed" click install:


Now you're ready to follow the guide.

Now this plugin is really nice. It plays a sound when you get a new collection log slot, plays a sound when you die and even when you level up. However you can also customize the sound effects to be what you want.

To begin make sure your client is closed.

Now you're gonna want to make your way to your .zaros directory:
for me its located under:


Once you have that directory open you should have something like this:

Open up your "c-engineer-sounds" folder and you will see a list of all the sound effects you can change.

For this example we are gonna change "ColLogSlotCompleted_r1.wav" That one being the new collection log slot sound effect.

I will change it to the Boss Defeated sound effect from Tombs of Amascut:

Now what you're gonna need to do is convert the audio file you want to .wav anything else wont work!

Once you have your audio converted all your gonna need to do is rename it to the sound you want to replace. In this case I will rename the new sound effect I want to "ColLogSlotCompleted_r1"

and all you need to do is just drag and drop the new audio in the "c-engineer-sounds" folder and replace the old one.

Now when you launch the client you should have your new audio play whenever you get a new collection log slot or when you plank in raids : )


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