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Reversed Wandering Trader

Mia Khalifa

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On 1/1/2023 at 7:11 PM, Mia Khalifa said:

Make the wandering trader sell items as well for maybe a higher price because the global supply of big items is so low u might aswell make an ironman everytime

It's not because the big items are low in supply, it's because the eco holders dont wanna sell the big items. Thats why it's hard to buy some big items

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I understand the idea behind this suggestion but I don't think that this is a proper way to fix the issue.

1) What does a "higher price" mean? They vary alot anyway and it would have to be updated many times.

2) It would absolutely devalue any of those "big items". They are meant to be rare and expensive.


To be honest I wouldn't know any other solution but I do not go with this one.

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