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Zulrah hard mode

Mia Khalifa

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Zulrah Hard Mode:
  • Combat level increased to 906 (previously 725)
  • Hitpoints increased to 625 (previously 500)
  • Immune to bleed damage, recoil damage, and vengeance
  • Attack speed increased to 2 ticks (previously 3)
  • Mechanics:
    • New Zulrah Form: Toxic
      • In this form, Zulrah starts out attacking with range and will switch styles each time after spawning a snakeling.
      • Snakelings spawned by this form are immune to recoil damage and will heal zulrah for the amount of damage they deal to you. Make sure you get rid of them quickly!
      • This form has been inserted two times (one near the start and one right before jad phases) into all four rotations. Players will still be able to recognize which rotation they are on based on patterns from normal mode.
    • Poison clouds deal more damage and will heal zulrah for the same amount of damage dealt to you. They last 12 ticks instead of the normal 18 ticks since Zulrah's attack speed is sped up.
    • Unless killed by recoil or other damage, the Snakelings spawned will last for 60 seconds instead of the normal 40 seconds.
    • Pillars have been removed from the map, there are no longer any safe spots.
  • Rewards:
    • Buffed loot table
      • Increased quantities
      • Removed junk items
      • Added new resources and alchables
    • Improved rates for unique/tertiary items/pet
    • Toxic Dust
      • Use this on your pet snakeling to unlock a new variant to metamorph into
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