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Try Your Luck #1 - Zulrah

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Try Your Luck

Zulrah - 50 kc Best RNG Wins!

Event will end on February 8th, 2023 at 10:00 Server time.

1st place: 500m Coins 10000.png

2nd place: 200 store tokens 

3rd place: 100 store tokens



How to play: Players will get one attempt of 50 Normal Zulrah KC and whoever has the best RNG wins. 

  • Post a full client screenshot of your Zulrah Collection log on this thread with the words "Sign-up" in your post. 
  • Kill 50 normal Zulrah and then make another post on the thread with a full client screenshot of your Zulrah log and the word "Finished"
  • Don't edit your sign up post when you are done, just make another post. Otherwise I can't verify that people aren't editing their log image to get multiple attempts. 


  • If your Hardmode Zulrah KC goes up after your entry you will be Disqualified 



Tanzanite mutagen.png Magma mutagen.png: Zulrah drops Magma mutagen with rarity 2 × 1/13,106 in quantity 1 Pet snakeling.png: Zulrah drops Pet snakeling with rarity 1/4,000 in quantity 1 - 3 pts

Jar of swamp.png: Zulrah drops Jar of swamp with rarity 1/3,000 in quantity 1  - 2 pts

Tanzanite fang.png: Zulrah drops Tanzanite fang with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1 Magic fang.png: Zulrah drops Magic fang with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1 Serpentine visage.png: Zulrah drops Serpentine visage with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1 Uncut onyx.png: Zulrah drops Uncut onyx with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1 - 1 pts






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