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2 x $50, Only received one.


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I did ::check in game and nothing happened for 20 minutes, after this i found that a 50$ scroll appeared in my inventory. I didn't receive the other scroll. So to test this i bought a $25 scroll and did check and i received this and redeemed it. I have redeemed 1x 50$ and 1x $25. Although i only have $50 rank and 550 points in the store. i will check back in the morning to see if the 250 points are in my account but i am still missing 1x $50 scroll


Please note that upon completing RFD and having a full inventory minus maybe 2 slots from the quest i didn't receive the quest rewards, They weren't on the floor or in the bank either this makes me believe that maybe the 50$ disappeared on the floor because not enough inventory room. I have checked my bank for the quest rewards and the $50 scroll and nothing





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