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A few small suggestions/fixes


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Posting some changes/suggestions to existing content that I would personally like to see whether that be an improvement to the content or something that should be changed due to them currently being incorrect.


Chambers of Xeric


- Raid layout tablet: Change the points option to always give a raid with 5 combat rooms and 3 puzzles.


- Allow us to set the scale of our raid, similarly to how staff are able to when hosting a mass event.


- Change how the COX bonus scrolls work to be similar to how the TOB and TOA ones work, lasting for 3 completions rather than 1 hour. You could turn the scroll down to 10% bonus points rather 20% if deemed necessary.



Theatre of Blood


A fix to phase 3 Verzik as currently if you fail to be under or away from her then there will be a 100% chance that the incoming hit will be a melee attack, making Verzik incredibly punishing for players new to the raid. Changing this to be in line with OSRS as if you miss the timing there, it's only a 50% chance to melee and 25% for either mage/range each. I believe this change could be positive in terms of more people wanting to try/learn the theatre of blood with that little bit of extra leniency so that they're whole team is less likely to get wiped 5 seconds into the final phase. I do like that it rewards perfect play the way it is and you could argue that other parts of the raid are easier than the counterpart in OSRS but curious to see what others think about this. 



Theatre of Blood: Hard Mode


Nothing much to say here other than I would like to see the nylocas spawns in a solo hard mode to be the same as OSRS (picture below)


For reference: the crabs you should get is: S2 S3 N3 and both S4/N4 for a total of 7 nylocas and these spawns are always the same - this applies to solo only and all other scales remain with every nylocas spawning at each set.


I don't know how many people would even be interested in attempting to solo but the method used to beat Maiden currently is miserable so would be a nice edition for those players who wish to push themselves.


Video for further reference on the nylocas spawns: https://youtu.be/wMxVuh_zoZ8?t=111





Again nothing too much from this, I just think the rate in which to free someone from the ice prison should be looked at. The fact that several people can try to free you and all fail is awfully frustrating if it results in you getting whacked for a full hp bar, not being freed from the prison should be punished by the player being too far away from their team mates to be able to reach them in time or by being frozen. I don't think peoples weapons are the issue since a large of majority of players are using high accuracy weapons to try and perform this task.


Also add Osmumten's fang to the list of weapons that are able to break the prison - like this on OSRS



Thanks for reading, look forward to hearing other peoples opinions and hope to see these things in game some time soon 🙂

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