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Server Support Application: AnKing


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AnKing (previously known as "gonzo7")

Time played (Full client screenshot): ~94d / 2,2k Hrs1dc836fd2e7b60e75bb91f57365c252b.png

GMT+1 (I am from Germany by the way)

Any past staff experience(s)?: 

Not on any RSPS. On other games many years ago.

What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?: For easy-reading reasons I will do this bullet points:

- I enjoy helping other people out and I like to keep learning new stuff about the game for myself

- I do not get tired of answering questions that are asked frequently

- I have been active in the Support CC for a long time

- I am an active and consistent player

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: 

I have two maxed accounts on OSRS with a combined 3500 EHP. Also I have played Zaros for a decent amount of time and I am always looking forward to re-read Guides or the Wiki to continously expand my game-knowledge. I have never done ToB before though (do not hate on me for that 😉 )


Thanks for reading!


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