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Does anyone know abou the korasi ?


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Anybody know any details about when and if the korasi is coming to zaros ?

Thanks! ?

















































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I've been trying to teach myself how to program, but I've found it prohibitively difficult. My dad taught me some coding when I was a kid (HTML, C, C++, PHP, CSS), but not enough to be qualified for anything. I've gotten through a fair portion of MIT's Intro to Computer Science through Python course on edX, but it doesn't feel like I'm making real progress and over time I've struggled more and more to keep working on it consistently. I think I need something more structured, and/or with more actual people to help me with things I don't quite understand and keep me on task. Self-discipline is probably my biggest weakness. With external discipline I do great (I did very well in school until I dropped out for complicated reasons), but when I have to discipline myself it doesn't tend to go well. I'm working on that, but for now I just want to get far enough with programming to escape the metal shop I currently work at. I much prefer a more traditional kind of education where I have an actual teacher and classmates I can interact with and ask questions, but going to college to get a traditional degree isn't financially doable for me. I'd really like something with a physical classroom and deadlines to keep me on task, but beggars can't be choosers. I can't quit my current job and go to school full-time to be eligible for scholarships and/or grants that still wouldn't cover all my expenses.

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