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Zaros PvM Bingo #6 - $300 in Prizes!


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6th Zaros PVM Bingo Event

The event will start on March 1st 2023 at 13:00 UTC (server time) and will last 3 weeks or until all prizes have been claimed.


Official Rules:

  • There are NO teams. Bingo cards will be completed individually by each player.
  • The server will keep track of your bingo card and automatically stamp off tiles for you; there's no need to take pictures of your drops.
  • The card is 5x5 consisting of only individual item drops. There is a free space in the middle.
  • The official card layout/contents will only be viewable once the event starts!


  • Prizes are awarded to 5 separate players who complete the bingo patterns depicted below. A single player cannot win twice on multiple patterns, so plan accordingly!
    • Normal Bingo - $25
      • Complete a sequence of 5 spaces horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
    • Four Corners - $50
    • Cross - $50
    • Zaros Special - $75
    • Fill the Board - $100
  • Winning any pattern will also grant you with a new title; "Bingo Master".
  • Upon successful first completion of any pattern, the winner will be broadcasted to the server and prizes will automatically be given.



Pick up your Bingo Card at the Special Event Table in Edgeville (Home)!

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