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03, how do I: Rocco's Ruins


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Rocco's Ruins



What is Rocco's Ruins?

  • Rocco's Ruins is a runecrafting diversion and is currently the fastest method for runecrafting training.
  • You will receive a chatbox notification when it spawns, and if its active while you login  spacer.png
  • It spawns every 6-8 hours randomly near a bank and lasts for 30 mins
  • It's similar to the ourania altar, but with much better rates. At the base of it, Rocco's Ruins is a 200% exp boost compared to the ourania's 170%. 
  • Every Rocco's Ruins location is surrounded by 8 pillars which need to be frequently repaired in order to receive the best runecrafting exp rates. Repairing the pillars will give you both, construction and crafting exp which is a cheap way to level up those two skills. Only things that are needed are nails (any kind) and a hammer to repair them. The better the nails used, the more exp received      spacer.png
  • About halfway through rocco's ruins will go through a golden stage for a few minutes where no pillars will deteriorate 
  • Any form of essences can be used but daeyalt essence will yield the best exp rates
  • Rift Guardians unique pet perk, runic, will not apply to rocco's ruins.

                                                                                                                                  (left is fully repaired and right is needing to be repaired)

Things needed/recommended

  •  Essence of any kind (preferably daeyalt essence)
  • 60 mining if mining daeyalt essence
  • Gem bag for daeyalt essence mining
  • Clue scroll sack for daeyalt essence mining
  • Any pet with the pet perk wise (grants 10% additional experience, up to 5M total a day)
  • Any pet with the pet perk zookeeper (grants a 5% pet rate bonus)
  • Creating a bank preset dedicated to rocco's ruins for faster banking


  • Atleast having the $10 donator status to have the ::dzone command OR having dzone set as your home teleport (can be done through Zaros Guide at edge) for quicker runs


Mining daeyalt essence


How to mine daeyalt essence

The first step to mining daeyalt essence will be teleporting there. To do this, go to your magic tab ingame and right click the home teleport then click the teleporter option. You can either use the search bar in the teleporter by typing "daeyalt" or go to the "Skilling" tab in the directory and manually look for the teleport "Mining: Daeyalt Essence" 



Upon teleporting there, you will be in the center of 3 large daeyalt pillars but you will only to be able to mine 1 at a time. The only one you'll be able to mine is the one with stars floating around it, it'll last for about a minute on each pillar before moving to another.



While mining your daeyalt essence you will receive alot of gems and clue scrolls, this is where your gem bag and clue scroll sack come into play. With them, you can essentially stay here forever as daeyalt shards stack. 

Once you've mined your preferred amount of shards, now you need to convert them to essence which can be done by talking to Noranna Tytanin. You can right click her and choose the option "Convert-shards" She will send your essence to your bank once done.



For one rocco's ruins session you will use ~3,500 daeyalt essence if done efficiently. 



Doing Rocco's Ruins

  • Rocco's Ruins has several locations 
    • Piscatoris
    • Lovakengj
    • Nardah
    • Land's End 
    • Mos Le'Harmless
  • As you level up, make sure you are constantly using the best 2 runes you can craft. You can check this by correlating your runecrafting level to runes able to be crafted  in the runecrafting skill tab. Once you've figured out your best 2, all you have to do is right click rocco's altar and select "setup" then apply your 2 best runes.



Make sure you deselect earlier level runes so its just your 2 best


How to get to each location



  • Teleport to Piscatoris via teleporter
  • Rocco's altar will be just slightly south of the teleport location
  • The bank is slightly north of teleport location (NPC: Arnold Lydspor)

If you have atleast the $10 donator status, using the dzone to bank and to teleport back is much quicker than running to the bank at this location


  • Teleport to Lovakengj via teleporter
  • Rocco's altar will be just slightly north of the teleport location
  • The bank is slightly south of the teleport location

If you have atleast the $10 donator status, using the dzone to bank and to teleport back is much quicker than running to the bank at this location


  • Teleport to Nardah and run south
  • Rocco's altar and the bank are very close together here


Land's End

  • Teleport to Land's End via the teleporter OR Rada's Blessing 4 (requires 55% achievement diary)
  • Rocco's altar is north of the teleport site


  • The bank here is a bank chest in the house nearest to the dock

If you have atleast the $10 donator status, using the dzone to bank and to teleport back is much quicker than running to the bank at this location

Mos Le'Harmless

  • Teleport to Cave Horrors or Mos Le'Harmless Dungeon (2 separate names but same teleport spot) then exit the cave and run north-east 


  • Rocco's altar is located in the red square above
  • The bank is a bank chest just west of it alongside the outside of the building


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