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Suggestion for Explorer's Ring 4 High Alchemy Substitute


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I had a couple of suggestions for the Explorer's Ring 4 High Alchemy Substitute:

  1. When equipped, whatever you plant with it, will be disease-free. You could roll this out based on each level of the ring, similar to the teleports (e.g., Level 1 would apply to flowers and allotments, level 2 would apply to hops and exotics such as mushroom patches, level 3 would work on normal and hardwood trees, and level 4 could be fruit trees and herbs).
  2. If that is too strong, you could make it so that when equipped, compost bins would give supercompost at level 1 & 2 and ultracompost at level 3 & 4 instead of normal compost (hopefully this would be rolled out with working compost bins).
  3. If you'd prefer to make it themed around high alching instead of farming, you could make it so that each level adds 5% more gp for alching (i.e., level 1 would give 5% more gp, while level 4 would give 20% more gp).
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