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21's Server Support Application


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Time played (Full client screenshot):

I hope by the time my application is looked at, I'll be able to improve my Play Time.



GMT -5 Eastern Standard Time

Any past staff experience(s)?:

• Zaros - Support/Moderator

• Zenyte - Support/Forum Moderator

OS-PVP - Moderator


What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?:

I believe that I have a lot that I can contribute to both the staff team and the community. I am active, knowledgeable, and responsible individual that can fulfill the roles of a team member. I have developed good communication skills, work well within teams, and offer a wide range of skills from programming to customer service/support. I was an individual that assisted developers with finding bugs during the server's beta phase and have contributed towards many guides to help others. Although I have made mistakes in the past, I move on from those mistakes and learn from them to make myself into a better person.

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?:

Yes. I have extensive knowledge about OSRS mechanics as well as Zaros' features.


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6 hours ago, Orthopaedic said:

what mistakes?

I was involved in some drama when I was on the staff team previously. I won't comment on what it was specifically and keep things private within the team. It was two or so years ago and I'd like to move on from the past, ya know?

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52 minutes ago, Orthopaedic said:

Fair, the staff has definitely shuffled around since then (I'd assume, been playing for 6 months). I've never seen you though and I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing given I spend all my time in standalone.

I stay in the support chat and try to help as much as possible. I do see you in the yell channel, although it doesn’t help that I can’t use it lol

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