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What’s up everybody!

My ign is Biology, but you can call me J if you’d like. I’m a 21 year old Canadian who’s studying bio and neuroscience in UNI. I’m grinding for Max in game ASAP. I was the first to 99 mining in Zaros and hope to be among the first to max in Reg game mode!

Hit me up anytime in game if you want to chat or have any questions!


have a good day

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5 hours ago, Leaned said:

Welcome to Zaros @Biology

Best of luck on your future endeavours!


6 hours ago, Chase said:

Welcome to Zaros my Canadian brother.


5 hours ago, Protect said:

Welcome Homie! If You Enjoy It Even Half As Much As I Do, You'll be Hooked :P. Best of Luck On The Grind!


5 hours ago, DrShemp said:

Welcome to Zaros

Thanks a lot fellas!

I'm definitely loving the server, nearly maxed now with a total of 2200!

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