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Level Threshold

Level 3

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Want to stop having your player idle because of the level up dialogue box? Then follow these steps.

Click on options and click 'Advanced Options'


Once you have done that it will give you 3 options. Choose 'Avanced Options (Zaros)'


It will then open up settings for Zaros. Find the 'Levelup Threshold' and click 'Configure'


Once you have done this, set the Level to whichever level you would like the level up dialogues to start popping up on screen.




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Words can not explain how grateful I am for this guide, LOL. I've been trying to locate an option for the past few hours but I was left clueless up until I found this topic.

Woohoo! Much appreciated.


ING: pYDlrsI.pngDolce


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Damn, had no idea this was a thing, thanks for bringing it to peoples attention, awesome little guide.



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