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Do ::commands to show which commands are available in game.

As a lot of people may not know this or would rather read on forums, here is the list:

::support - access the Zaros support centre.

::xplock - lock your xp gain.

::thread (ID here) - access a thread by entering the thread ID.

::players - shows the amount of players online.

::guides - access guides.

::discord - join the official discord.

::vote - vote for Zaros to earn exclusive rewards.

::forums - access the forums.

::updates - check the recent updates.

::duel - an instant teleport to the duel arena.

::wduel - an instant teleport to watch current duels.

::gamble - an instant teleport to the gambling area.

::train - instant teleport to rock crabs.

::home / ::edge - instant teleport home.

::rules - access the official rules for Zaros.

::staff - check to see which staff members are currently online.

::claimvote / ::check / ::checkvote - check your voting status.

::skull - instantly gain a skull above you.

::empty - choose whether to empty your inventory or not.

::pvp - instant teleport to an instanced Edgeville for PvP.

::tournament - instant teleport to the Tournament Lobby.

::hitmark - set which hitmark style you would like.

::xpdrops - set which xp drop style you would like.

::gdz - instant teleport to Greater Demons (Level 46 Wilderness).

::mb - instant teleport inside of Mage Bank.

::chins - instant teleport to Black Chins (Level 35 Wilderness).

::44s - instant teleport to the Ghorrock area (Level 44 Wilderness).

::50s - instant teleport to the Rogue's Castle (Level 51 Wilderness).

::easts - instant teleport to the East Green Dragons (Level 20 Wilderness).

::wests - instant teleport to the West Green Dragons (Level 10 Wilderness).

::graves - instant teleport to the Graveyard (Level 20 Wilderness).




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