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​ ?? ​4th of JULY! ​ ?? ​


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For this 4th of July we have decided to put on a few events in celebration. These events are more focused for early or general use.

The following events will run for the normal duration of 18 hours and start at 10:00 server time (same time as weekend events)

JULY 4th

Pet Boost - Pet rates will be boosted for a limited time duration. ( 17.5 % )
Bonus Gold Drops 
- Gold obtained will be boosted for a limited time duration. ( x 2.5 )
Clue Boost 
- Players will receive extra rolls on uniques for a limited amount of time. ( + 3 )
Bonus Barrows 
- Bonus chance to obtain Barrows Uniques will be boosted for a limited time duration. ( 25 % )



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