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Prawn - Staff Application


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Server Support/Forums Moderator Application 




Time played (Full client screenshot): 



+2 (Israel) 

Any past staff experience(s)?:

Yeah, i have a good knowledge, i have been a staff members in many servers: (i can mention names of the server in pm) 


 Ex- Forums Moderator * 

* Ex- Forums Admin
* Ex- Server Support
* Ex- Game Moderator 
* Ex- Game Admin  


What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?: 

Server Support:

Many reason that makes me a good fit for the server support role: 

1) I'm very friendly with others
2) I'm very active in-game (i can be online 4-6 hours daily) 
3) I'm very helpful, i'm always ready to help when i know the answer 
4) I'm a loyal person
5) I have a good knowledge with the staff roles
6) I'm always ready to help the community/server with my best
7) I'm very active and helpful on Discord
8 I'm a quick learner 


Forums Moderator:

1) I have a good knowledge and a great experience about forums 
2) I'm very active on forums (i can be online most of the day) 
3) I'm very helpful on forums
4) I'm always ready to answer other players questions about anything that related to the forums
5) Our forums needs an active forums moderator to make it clean from any spam posts/threads 

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?:

I have a good knowledge (not the best) but i'm a quck learner and i'm always ready to help the community/server with everything i know/can, i know that i'm kinda new to Zaros but i hope that i  have the chance to get accepted to the staff team, and i'm always will be ready to help and i will dedicate most of my time into Zaors (that include helping , activity , loyalty....)


P.s: as you can see from the title that i'm applying for server support or forums moderator, to be honest i'm not sure if i can apply for forums moderator but i think our forums needs an active forums moderator so he can handle the forums and make it clean from any spam posts/threads and to make it user-friendly 


..Much love



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I vouch for Prawn. He is always willing to help out and if the question asked isn’t already in his large book of RuneScape knowledge, he is adept at finding and explaining information regarding people’s questions. I don’t know if his playtime tells the whole story as he is also active on the discord.


Getting that playtime up a bit would help tho.

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Would love to see you as server support! You go out of your way to help others and everything. When I see you on you're doing nothing but broadcasting support cc and making sure if anyone needs help they know where to go for it. Once you have some good playtime down I don't think anything will be holding you back from possibly joining the staff team.

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Since I have come back to the server after a long break, I have not really seen you in the support cc assisting...then again it could be the time zone difference or something of that nature. However I do notice you advertising in yell to join the support chat and reminding people to vote, which in my opinion is not staff material. We had another individual post an application for server support simply because she did exactly what you do. I am obviously not the final say and I am not attacking you as a person, respectfully I'd say a little more playtime and alot more active in the support cc.

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  • Server Support

I concur with some of the other commentators in this thread. It will be greatly more valuable if you got your playtime in the server up. Aside from that, you are making your presence known and willing to assist players in what they may need. Proceed doing what you are doing, and you might see yourself as server support in the future. 

You are making yourself a valuable member of the community so far. Keep up the great work.

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