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Monk Introduction


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I'm a bit late to the party, but I do want to introduce myself to the Zaros community. ?️

I've been playing RSPS's for years now dating back to 2009 and have had tons of unique experiences thus far. I guess I am looking for the unknown factor, something that hasn't been done before and with some type of twist. David has ran many successful projects in my time of playing and I'm sure he can produce a great OS server with a great developer team.

I do want to point out some wonderful things I have noticed so far..

  1. Multiple developers are tackling this project. ✔️
  2. The Forum base and discord server seem very active. ✔️
  3. There is a plan and due process for Zaros, nothing seems rushed and I applaud this 110%! ✔️
  4. @Polar is here and I'm sure he is developing tons of work on plugins, etc! This is fantastic. ✔️
  5. Lots of familiar faces are taking part in this.

If you haven't met me before feel free to get to know me, I'm very easy going and love to make new friends. 

Although with this COVID19 business and the world at absolute chaos I do not expect myself to be overly active, but I do plan to keep an eye on Zaros and eventually plan to take part in the gameplay once it is official. 

Thank you @David @Hope and all who have dedicated their time to making this happen! I look forward to it.

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