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Summer of Events 4


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Welcome to the Summer of Events.

What is the Summer of Events you might ask? Every single day of July and August there will be a different randomly picked 24 hour bonus or activity. Weekend of Events will be unaffected and continue as normal. All BOOST events start at 10:00 server time and continue for 24 hours. Staff hosted events start at 19:00 server time and are generally 1-2 hours.


Week 1

July 7 - Event

          Announced Dro- Theatre of Blood - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 8 - Activity

          Wintertodt Bonus Points - Wintertodt points will be boosted for a limited time duration.(x3)

July 9 - Event

          Hide N SeekThe event host will provide hints to where they are located and you must find them first.(5x Rounds - $10 Donor Scroll | 19:00 Server time)

July 10 - Event

          Nex Boost - Nex drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.(15%)

July 11 - Activity

          Fishing Boost - Fishing catch rate will be boosted for a limited time duration.(66%)

July 12 - Activity

          Announced Dro- King Black Dragon - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 13 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Chaos Elemental - 150 Store credits(First 3)

Week 2

July 14 - Event

          Announced Dro- Galvek - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 15 - Event

          Slayer Points Boost - Users will receive increased slayer points upon the completion of any slayer task for a limited time duration.(x2.5)

July 16 - Activity

        Zalcano Boost - Zalcano drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.(30%)

July 17 - Event

          Gauntlet Boost - Gauntlet drop rates will be boosted for a limited time duration.(30%)

July 18 - Activity

          Higher or Lower - The Players will line up and the Event Hosts will take turns rolling a dice in front of the player, the player must decide if the next dice will be higher or lower than the previous roll, if they are correct, they move on the next round.(Prizes TBD)

July 19 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Zulrah - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 20 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Corporeal Beast - 150 Store credits(First 3)

Week 3

July 21 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Zalcano - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 22 - Event

          Bonus Barrows - Bonus chance to obtain Barrows Uniques will be boosted for a limited time duration.(25%)

July 23 - Activity

          EXP - Players will receive bonus EXP for a limited time duration.(x1.5)

July 24 - Event

          Slayer Drops Bonus - Users will receive increased caskets, superior spawn and superior unique drop rates(imbued heart, eternal gem) for a limited time duration.(25%)

July 25 - Event

          Hot and Cold Flower Event - Users will meet at a broadcasted location and line up in a single-file line.  Hosts will go down the line, asking each participant to guess either hot or cold for a single flower plant; if you are correct, you stay, if not, you are eliminated.(Prizes TBD)

July 26 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Nex - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 27 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Nightmare - 150 Store credits(First 3)

Week 4

July 28 - Activity

          Announced Dro- Commander Zilyana - 150 Store credits(First 3)

July 29 - Event

          Bonus Carpenter Points - Extra points when completing Mahogany Homes contracts will be turned on for a limited time duration.(x3)

July 30 - Event

          Giant's Foundry Rep - Giants Foundry Rep will be boosted for a limited time duration.(x2)

July 31 - Event

          Bonus Blood Money - Blood Money from player killing will be boosted for a limited time duration.(33%)



August ~ coming soon.


* Postponed to later date as no one available to run event at the time.

* Please make sure to take a full client screenshot and submit it to either Meso Dizzy "tumekens " or ZelX "zelx."(don't forget the period!) on discord or reply to this thread with the words "Summer of Events" in your chatbox in the screenshot to claim your prize! No duplicate or repeat winners for same hunt (including alts). Multiple different winners allowed!!

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10 hours ago, Kahcle said:



4 hours ago, LaraCroft said:

Summer of events, announced kdb drop: draconic visage



kdb annouced drop.png

Paid - Submitted via discord as well 

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