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Keno's Support Application


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IGN: Keno


  I'm from USA and also central time zone.
Any past staff experience(s)?:

I don't have experience in staff at this current time.
What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?:

I think I would be a good fit for Server Support as I try to help everyone that I come across that needs it already, I also have quite a bit of experience playing Zaros as I have been around since day one and spend quite a bit of my free time enjoying the server.

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?: 

I feel Very Confident with my knowledge of the Game and Server as I have completed Comp cape on more then one account and have tried an account on every game mode, so I'm able to help the Ironmen with some quick tips and tricks and also provide a wonderful and helpful experience to more of the late game player, can teach and help them with boss's and raids. Thanks, Keno




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