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Wassup Zarosians,

Dush Here With a Server Support Application. Let’s Get Straight to It!


Username: Dush / No Bap
Time played (Full client screenshot): 163 Days+  https://ibb.co/hFyVTH7
Timezone: EST
Any past staff experience(s)?: I Have Never been a Staff  Member on a Rsps. But with Time and Dedication I think anyone can Learn how to contribute as a Staff Member to the Community! 


What makes you a good fit for the Server Support role?

 I Have been around on zaros for 4 Years.  I have also been on both spectrums Good and bad. I think I  have a very good understanding of what Is Expected and Tolerated! We all Have room for growth and I think in time I can show my true potential!

Do you feel confident about your game knowledge?:

I Feel I have a Very Well Knowledge about the Game as I have maxed 2 Gims with Being able to do just about all Content in the game and Definitely be able to give beginners or even veterans and or experienced players handy tips on just about everything !

thank you for you time in Viewing my application Best regards to Everyone And Hope to see You all In Game and On V2 when it Drops!!!!             
                                               Thanks, Dush






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