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Clan Broadcasts, Stat drain rates, Rooftop Agility and Birds Nest droptables.


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             1) Clan broadcast messages
             2) Reduce stat drain rates
             3) Fix Agility DC's 
             4) Change birds nest loot tables

Reasons Why: 
             1) Adding clan broadcast messages allows you to see achievements your clanmates have got who aren't on the same world as you.
             2) Stat drain rates seem too fast, this would be a QOL update as it allows use of less potions (may be biased due to ironman playstyle)
             3) Doing agility via rooftops can cause players to disconnect when camera angles are at specific points, grinding agility would be more pleasant without the DC's.
             4) Birds nests (specifically seed nests) only seem to drop apple seeds? Improving this allows ironmen to get higher tier seeds for farming without having to do combat straight away.

How will this benefit the server?:
Basic QOL updates that would improve player enjoyment.

rooftop agility feels really smooth other than the dcs, good work

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