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Hi guys, Joey Here


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Wanting to introduce myself.

My name is Joey, 24 years old.
I have my own Italian restaurant in Rotterdam which i make pizza's in. If any of you ever come to Netherlands, Zaros players get free pizza.

I'm from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and i've joined Zaros because i couldn't resist the hype and.i knew what the owner of Zaros was capable of doing.
It's OSRS but a way more smaller community to be with, talk with. Many options to grant yourself to be the best in-game or have the best skills in-game.

I'll always be online if anyone wants to talk, or have questions which are in-game related :) 

Ingame name: Sahara

Cheers and good luck in-game everyone.


1ixfs2F.png Sahara#0694

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