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Skillcape Perks


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A  Skillcape among players is a cape that symbolises achieving the highest possible level in a particular skill (level 99). 

Here is a list of Capes where to obtain the capes here at Zaros!



If you teleport to Edgeville and find this building North of Edgeville Bank you will find an NPC called Mac.



NPC (Mac)

Mac is located North West (Ish) in the building. He sells the Skillcapes and the famous Max cape!




Skill-Cape Perks:

Here is a table of the perks!



Agility 99 Agility - A substitute for a graceful cape, and once per day, restores 100% run energy and provides the effect of a stamina potion for one minute.

Attack 99 Attack - When worn, no warrior guild tokens are needed to access the cyclopes within the Warriors' Guild.

Construction 99 Construction - Unlimited teleports to the player's own house or any player-owned house portal.

Cooking- 99 Cooking - Food will never be burned while cooking, and a substitute for a chef's hat to enter the Cooks' Guild.

Crafting- 99 Crafting - Unlimited teleports to the Crafting Guild

Defence 99 Defence - Acts as a ring of life, can be toggled on or off.

Farming 99 Farming - When worn, harvesting herb patches will have a 5% increase in yield (stacks with the magic secateurs) & Unlimited teleports to the Farming Guild.

Firemaking 99 Firemaking- Acts as an inextinguishable light source and as warm clothing for Wintertodt.

Fishing 99 Fishing - Unlimited teleports to the Fishing Guild as well as Otto's Grotto.

Fletching 99 Fletching - Can be searched for a mithril grapple and bronze crossbow three times per day.

Herblore 99 Herblore - Zahur in Edgeville Bank will create unfinished potions for 2000 coins each & Allows grimy herbs to be used in creating unfinished potions; doing so gives the experience of cleaning the herb. Can be searched for a pestle and mortar.

Hitpoints 99 Hitpoints - Natural hitpoint restoration rate is doubled. The effect does not stack with Rapid Heal, but does stack with the regen bracelet.

Hunter 99 Hunter- Five teleports to the black/red chinchompa hunter areas per day.

Magic 99 Magic - Permanent spellbook change five times per day.

Mining 99 Mining - While mining ore up to adamantite, there is a 5% chance of receiving an extra ore while mining;

Prayer 99 Prayer - Acts as a holy wrench, but effects will not stack with a holy wrench or a ring of the gods (i).

Ranged 99 Range - Acts as an Ava's accumulator, or Ava's assembler if a Vorkath's head is used on it.

Runecraft 99 RuneCrafting - Allows access to any runecrafting altar without use of talismans/tiaras. Also prevents runecrafting pouches from degrading when filling them.

Slayer 99 Slayer - Provides a 10% chance of being given the option to pick the previous task when getting a new task from a Slayer Master.

Smithing 99 Smithing - Makes the coal bag capable of holding 36 coal instead of 27, and acts as a pair of goldsmith gauntlets.

Thieving 99 Thieving - Additional 10% chance of being successful when pickpocketing.

Woodcutting 99 Woodcutting - Additional 10% chance of a bird nest falling while chopping trees.

Stats icon.png Max Cape - Combined perks of all capes


I understand not all of these will be correct/ May be bugged, if they're bugged please send a bug report to: https://forum.zaros.io/forum/33-bug-reports/

I may of got some wrong myself so let me know!

Hope this helps,



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Holy crap this is awesome, learnt a lot from reading this that I never even knew about.. thanks for the guide man, very clean.



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Have a great day and continue to smile 🙂 And REMEMBER to Vote 🙂

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