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November's Construction Guide.


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Requirements: 60 Woodcutting / 50k

To get started, first you will have to create a Dining Room in your POH ( build mode ) and head over to the chair spaces.


I usually prefer building up towards Oak Chairs and continuing the Oak Chairs until the desired level ( level 34 )

You can obtain your needed planks and nails by teleporting to the Woodcutting Guild ( lvl 60 woodcutting requirement ) and speaking to the Sawmill Operator to turn your logs into planks, and buying the nails from his shop.


This is one of the most expensive parts, since it can cost quite a bit to turn logs into planks.


Once you've reached level 34, you can begin with the cheapest and most Ironman friendly method of grinding construction.


Sadly the best cheapest method has been patched, and I've been looking into a secondary alternative and shall post it on here.

Nerf reverted!

The cheapest and best way I found to do it is by making Clockmaker's bench ( tier 3 ).

Requirements: 77 Magic / 40 Defense ( for Lunar's Spellbook ), and aproximately 130k CASH for 99.

First you need to travel to Port Khazard, you can get there by teleporting to Yanille and walking towards Port Khazard.



You will need to trade one of the crewmembers ( charter ) and buy the following:



Buckets of Sand and Seaweed in order to cast the following spell, Superglass Make, each piece costing barely ANY coins, with the most expensive part of this process being the Astral Runes!


Your inventory setup while making the molten glass should look like this.


Now when you've gotten all the Molten Glass you require, you are finally ready to start grinding.

Your inventory setup while doing construction should look like this.



Needing a Workshop in your POH ( build mode ) ( 100k CASH being the biggest investment ) you'll move forward to the bench area and start crafting.


During the process you spam 1 and 3 on your keyboard alternating, in order to always be crafting the bench ( tier 3 ) and removing it. Once your inventory is finished, teleport home and reset your inventory.

The reason why presets are so important is that it allows to re-do our inventory with a single right click - left click.



Method 2.

Requirements: Given around 1 coin : 1 EXP for this new method, so in total 13.5M EXP for 99, 37 construction. ( NO BANKING )

With a ' NO BANK ' Secondary Method cheaper than Planks, there's a way to achieve 99 construction at nearly the same XP rates as the Pre - Nerf Crafting Benches ( T3 ).

The first things you need is 37 Construction, and 250k CASH in order to buy the Games Room.



You can choose to build either one of the three Magical Balances, Lesser being the most cost efficient at 8k GP per build averaging around the same XP as Crafting Benches ( 8.5k XP for Normal Rates )




The time cost : XP of this method is still far better than obtaining logs, making planks, and then grinding construction, as one of the biggest strengths of this method is the fact that you do not need to bank. ( UIM friendly )


Method 3.

Third Option. ( Credited by @Lucky Fxck )

At the cost of 3K coins per Oak Plank made, 8 Oaks per Oak Larder, the time - cost efficiency is nearly the same as Lesser Magical Balance being 1.2k experience less per 24K Coins spent at the expense of doing it with faster time efficiency ( three times as fast ).

The best way to obtain your Oak Logs and Planks is by camping the Woodcutting Guild and heading over to this section.


You will find 3 Oak Trees and the Sawmill Operator right next to you.

After filling up your inventory you will have to access the Sawmill Operator and turn your logs into planks.




Afterwards, head over to your POH and buy a Kitchen Room for 50K coins.

In your Kitchen Room you will have to access your Larder space.



Click the second option " Oak Larder ", build it, remove it, and repeat!



Head over to your nearby bank with your Presets ready, and repeat this process.



Fastest Method.

1.- Push towards 37 Construction the best way possible.

2.- Buy as many elemental runes as possible.

3.- The rates at which you obtain XP are up to you, it is higher cost for higher XP rates.

4.- Build a Games Room ( 250k CASH ).

5.- Build Magical Balances in your Games Room, repeat.

6.- No banking! ?


New "Time Efficient" Method.

1.- Push to 33 Construction.

2.- Chop Oak Trees at the Woodcutting Guild.

3.- Purchase a Kitchen Room in your POH.

4.- Build your Oak larders, bank, repeat.

5.- You're done!


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Awesome guide man, and a very interesting method that I don't think many would have thought of, so thankyou! ?



Regular Account - Wallis = 2117/2277


Realist Account - Real Wallis = 0/2277


Have a great day and continue to smile ? And REMEMBER to Vote ?

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8 hours ago, Wallis said:

Awesome guide man, and a very interesting method that I don't think many would have thought of, so thankyou! ?




4 hours ago, Vcx said:

Well made detailed guide 


2 hours ago, Zocko said:

Great guide man, very detailed.

Will help a lot of players out!


1 hour ago, Locked said:

Great guide! Thanks for the contribution. ?


Thanks guys! It's a really cheap method and very afk.

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Great alternative method for people who can't afford plank making! 

My only piece of advice would be to include the required number of glass for 99. 

For a regular player (reg iron and hardcore aswell), you will need to make 2950 Molten glass to make a total of 1475 tables!

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Sucks to see the crafting table get patched as I know plenty has already maxed with that method... Really is a bummer because I spent that last 5-6 hours of game time collecting the molten glass for the method. I think they could of at least lowered the cost of planks for iron men game modes, as the trading restrictions critically lowers money making techniques.

Anyway, thanks for the guide, will surely help out a lot of people (specifically iron men, as construction tends to be nearly impossible to afford with all the price buffs...).

Edited by The Old Nite
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