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Is this server designed around pvm only? right now pking seems pretty much untouched.

Hopefully we can get some type of clan hotspot once or twice a week, where we can get clans to fight it out for a hour and winners get a reward. Maybe like locaton is GDZ for 1 hour, which ever cc gets most kills or point wins. 

There is hundred's of different type of pkers/clans on this server but pking/wilderness activity's just aren't doing it. There should be some type of slayer/pvm monsters implicated into the wilderness, then be requirements to kill them like certain amount of risk or whatever so it'll attract more pvmer/pkers.

Hopefully more wilderness events get added, right now there is only 1 boss and it seems to be pretty lame, the announcement for it's spawning should be server wide for all worlds, and announced in the pm chat box not the normal chat box. Also hp events/wilderness keys, and other events should be added bosses for multi/single etc.

Not to sure if or how wilderness slayer is on this server, but maybe add a second slayer master for wilderness only tasks, and make it a requirment 100+ combat/250-500k+ risk to do the tasks. Some tasks multi/single some 30+ wild some under, allowing larran keys to be on drop table and whatever else is decided. 


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