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There has been a shit ton of donations to the server in the last few days, its great this server is booming. 

Can we get a list of all benefits per tier of donating? I have no idea the amount i need to donate for my next tier, nor what i will unlock/benefit. I think there should be a list of benefits you get per tier. Also maybe add a special attack restore/anti-venom pool to ::Dzone, having to drink anti potions everytime you get venomed in the future will be annoying once everyone gets toxic staffs or blowpipe's etc.

::dzone for pvp would be cool, maybe add a ::Dzone rev only that is single combat? Something else besides a few skilling spots or whatever would be nice. 

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5 minutes ago, Leaned said:

Hello @EjM

You can find that list of donation benefits here: 


oh thank you, but hopefully could get added to a command in game like ::donator and this will pop-up or something like that.

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