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GIM banking


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Don't see why this wouldn't work, it makes sense int he long run I guess and easier for all players, support from me.



Regular Account - Wallis = 2117/2277


Realist Account - Real Wallis = 0/2277


Have a great day and continue to smile 🙂 And REMEMBER to Vote 🙂

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GIM Banking>
1.)    -The layout is supreme, although i would further enjoy the game more if a QOL update was implemented increasing the amount of """empty tabs"""
            [like the first tab that everything gets piled into]
2.)    -Another update that would further increase not only the overall satisfaction of GIM, but mainly the QOL, would be allowing items to be moved to specific tabs.
            Example: Being able to put all of my seeds and secondary's with all of my herbs in the Pre-Made Herblore tab.
3.)    -Finally, Adding the GIM storage to be able to be accessed on not ONLY a U.S. world, but an E.U. as well.
            I only chose to say this because i have friends in my group iron currently getting 200+ ping to US servers and sub 100 in EU.
            They have chosen to STOP playing the GIM, due to having to switch worlds every time they would like to access the bank.


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