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Getting Zaros to work on Macbook


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Hi all,

Is it possible to run the Zaros client on a macbook?
I have a 2020 13" MacBook air running on Catalina 10.15.

When I try to launch the client via .dmg nothing is happening. When I try to launch the client via .jar I get the following prompt 'The JAVA JAR FILE "Zaros.jar" could not be launched. Check the console for possible error messages'.

I have no experience running RSPS clients on a MacBook and have only used Windows hardware playing private servers in the past.
I have tried finding a solution myself and through the Discord community (thanks to Dragged) but his suggestions did not result in a solution. I cannot find any other solution or how-to on getting these type of clients to work.

Hope you guys have any troobleshooting guide or knowledge on how to get this work? Really looked forward to playing the server!

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