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Recipe for Disaster Quest Guide


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Recipe for disaster osrs Quest Guide 


Hey guys, Diamond back with another guide! I have been sent loads of messages on how to get barrows gloves and how to complete the quest.

This guide will come with how to defeat each NPC.


Barrows Gloves Stats: 

Requires 41 Defence to wear.

OSRS] Ultimate Rune Pure Guide - Training/quests/items - Guides and Tips -  Zybez RuneScape Community Forums



Barrows gloves are obtained by completing the quest RFD.  You will need to kill 6 NPCS.

On Zaros RFD is quite difficult compared to most quests and is more 1.1 with OSRS. This means using different combat styles makes it easier to complete.


Where do I start the quest?

You need to talk to the 'GYPSY' NPC located in Lumbridge Castle Kitchen

Go through the dialogue and click option 1 'Alright I will help you'



Next go through the door as my character is...... 


After going through the door you will come to this room. It will have a portal.

The portal takes you to the boss fights!



Fight 1: Agrith-Na-Na


Name: Agrith-Na-Na

Attack Styles: Melee/Magic

Combat Level: 146

Max hit: 16


How to Kill?

  A good strategy is to use ranged, so Black dragonhide armour and an Archer helm, paired with a Magic shortbow with rune arrows or a Rune crossbow with Diamond bolts (e) are recommended.

For Melee players, it's recommended to use the best available crush defence armour and a Dragon scimitar or Abyssal whip with a Dragon dagger (p++)

Lower level players may want to use Rings of recoil against this boss.



Fight 2: Flambeed


Name: Flamebeed

Attack Styles: Crush, Magic

Combat Level: 149

Max hit: 22


How to Kill?


  Flambeed is weak to Water spells, melee attacks (especially crush) and Ice arrows.

A popular way to defeat him is to use Snare/Entangle and proceed to cast Water Blast/Wave while maintaining distance.

 A yew/magic shortbow can also be used with Ice arrows in place of Water spells. 


Fight 3: Karamel


Name: Karamel

Attack Styles: Magic, Ranged

Combat Level: 136

Max hit: 7x2 (Magic)
20 (Ranged)


How to Kill?

As soon as the battle begins, run up to her and use a crush weapon or fire spells. Remember to use one that's far below your magic level because her spells can lower stats, as well as reducing a player's special attack bar to 0.

 stat restore potions are highly recommended.


Fight 4: Dessourt


Name: Dessourt

Attack Styles: Crush, Magic, Magical ranged

Combat Level: 121

Max hit: 19


How to Kill?

  He is most vulnerable to Magic and fairly weak to Ranged and stab. He is resistant to slash and crush.

        The most efficient way to kill him is by using melee-resistant armour such as Barrows and attack with Magic; Trident of the seas/swamp or Iban Blast are effective.


Fight 5: Gelatinnoth Mother

Gelatinnoth Mother (air).png

Name: Gelatinoth Mother

Attack Styles: Ranged, Magic, Stab

Combat Level: 130

Max hit: 20 (ranged and magic roll two hits per attack)
9 (stab)


How to Kill?

The Gelatinoth Mother changes form, by changing colours. The colours represent what attack style you need to use!


Gelatinnoth Mother weak to Air spells Colour: White      Use: Air spells  

Gelatinnoth Mother weak to Water spells Colour: Blue    Use: Water spells

Gelatinnoth Mother weak to melee attacks Colour: Orange     Use Melee

Gelatinnoth Mother weak to Earth spells Colour: Brown         Use Earth

Gelatinnoth Mother weak to Fire spells Colour: Red     Use Fire Spells

Gelatinnoth Mother weak to ranged attacks    Colour: Green   Use range


Final Fight: Culinaromancer


Name: Culinaromancer

Attack Styles: Melee, Magic

Combat Level: 75

Max hit: 25 (Magic)
11 (Crush)


How to Kill?

 This boss is quite easy to kill, you can just use melee on him as he as quite low defence.



?????????? Q & A  ??????????????????


Q: Can I bank between bosses?

A: Yes, you can leave the portal and come back to resume fighting wherever you left off. 


Q:  Can I use prayer in the boss room?

A: No you cannot take/use prayer with you when fighting these bosses


Q: What happens when I die in the boss room?

A: A gravestone will appear outside the boss room near the portal you entered.


Q: Where is the barrows chest located?

A:  Go downstairs into the Lumbridge Basement and click 'buy' on the chest


Q: Do I lose my items if I die?

A: No, your items will go to your Gravestone on death. 


Q: What are the rewards for the quest?

A: Barrows Gloves/ XP/Cash


spacer.pngBarrows gloves - OSRS Wiki






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