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Zaros XP Rates

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Realist/Elite Drop rate boost applied to raids  

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  1. 1. Realist/Elite Drop rate boost applied to raids

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Hello fellow gamers/nerds.

I am here to generate a conversation surrounding the xp rates of zaros. I recently became aware that the 5%/8% drop rates awarded to realist and elite ironman do not effect raids drop chances. Upon hearing this information my instant response was to drop my ballsack into a vat of battery acid while I wash my tears with cyanide. The general consensus that I gathered is that most players feel the significantly reduced xp rates are not worth it for a seemingly insignificant drop rate boost. I would like to gather some additional feedback on whether you believe this boost should also be applied to raids once they are released. Feel free to share your thoughts and reasonings below while I cry myself to sleep. Sincerely,

A very salty noob.

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Personally I think it should apply, if they're willing to put in the countless extra hours grind their accounts to a point where they can raid, boss etc effectively, they should be rewarded. Besides, the 5-8% isn't a huge increase anyways.

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