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Current FAQ: 12/8/2020


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FAQ Updates
Currently Updated as of 12/8/2020

So to help ease the questions that all the mods are getting I am compiling a list in one thread and that way you can read more info and be more informed. 

Please DON'T ask mods for ETAs. Information will come through #announcments on discord if it needs an ETA.

General FAQ

Q: Where is the anti-dragon fire shield?
A: Tool Store at home. Please EXPLORE home.

Q: Where can I find a Helm of Neitiznot as a ironman?
A: Rellekka Helmet Shop

Q: How many waves if fight caves?
A: It is just Jad and the healers.

Q: How many waves is inferno?
A: It can be the last 3 waves or full cave. Full cave gives a 10% chance at the pet.

Q: Is voting not working?
A: It is being added.

Q: Why can't I kill mutated zygomites?
A: They are the ancient zygomites on fossil island. The slayer tool tip is wrong.

Q: Where can I imbue my slayer helm or black mask?
A: 200 Point scroll in the slayer point shop.

Q: Where can I trade my item sets?
A: Trading post on west side of home.

Q: Where can I reclaim my items?
A: Predu (dwarf) in north of home.

Q: Where can I use my free clue if I am donator?
A: Use clue scroll on Dr. Clue in north of home. He will give you a casket.

Q: Where can I get an abyssal pouch?
A: Use fairy ring ALR and kill mobs there.

Q: Where can I start RFD and is it the full quest?
A: The gypsy right next to the cook in Lumbridge. It is just the bosses at the end and you can bank in between fights.

Bug Related FAQ

Q: Why is my text blue and why is my words not showing up?
A: There is a bug with the chat box currently. It's being looked into. Your words still appear in the chat box just not over your head.

Q: Why can't I switch worlds?
A: We are aware some of you are experiencing the issue of not being able to switch worlds. It is being looked into.

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