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Ultimate Ironman Completionist - Part 2 - Land of the Dead


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Welcome to my Ultimate Ironman Completionist thread! 


There will be several parts to this progression thread, as I have many long-term "completionist" goals I'd like to document. I am restricting myself with the following rules because I'd rather not worry about unsafe deaths later in the account (pker-inflicted or otherwise):

- No Hespori/Zulrah storage method

- No Looting Bag

- No Suiciding to use the 1 hour Death Timer

Some posts will be a journal-type entry, and some will just show the progress of whatever I'm currently working on. I'll try to update at least once a week, or after significant progress has been made.  Thanks for stopping by.




Obtain Dragon Pickaxe COMPLETE ✔

Obtain any Wilderness Boss Pet COMPLETE ✔

Finish all Wilderness achievements 26 / 29

~~March 20~~

Better late than never, I suppose? Been a looong time since my last update, this post represents progress that happened in mid-late February.  I continued to work towards finishing off the majority of wilderness achievements, the highlight of it was picking up shards 2 and 3 to complete my malediction ward... which I then promptly drop-traded over to an alt lol. Was a lot of fun dealing with the pkers that kept bounty-teleporting to me 😉



Here's a final look at my wilderness achievements:


The three missing ones:

1. Kill Galvek 3 times - Not attempting this one, since it's impossible to solo and I don't particularly like the idea of buying kills. 0 / 3

2. Win 25 rounds of LMS  - We'll see in the future, this one doesn't require me to be in wildy therefore I can slowly work at it. Would require lots of effort, since I am very bad pkerman. 0 / 25

3.  Kill all wildy bosses at least 30 times - Might try to complete this after I finish my skilling grinds in Part 3... we'll see.  3 / 6

I'll be shifting gears in the next update, I've finished enough wildy content for now.  UP NEXT - PART 3 - SKILLERMAN!


~~February 7~~

After I maxed, I cleared everything out of my invent and discarded all gear I wouldn't immediately need: It was time to go into wildy. My first priority was to camp Venenatis for spooder pet while getting a dragon pickaxe along the way. I had saved up a ton of slayer points for skips to get spider tasks, but little did I know Krystilia could not assign them (yet). My setup was pretty bad since I went with budget range.., most the damage was from Vengs and cannon, but it still got the job done:

This didn't take too long, since I had no idea Hope coded in a hidden 1000% drop boost in wildy for UIMs:




Having finished that WAY faster than I thought, I went to Chaos Fanatic for shards (a skilling achievement requires you to make a ward in wildy). I again saw the results of the hidden drop boost:


Knocked out a few more achievements along the way:


Next up is to get my trident back from Kraken so that I can camp Crazy Archaeologist and Scorpia for shards 2 and 3. After that's finished, I'll be trying to turn the rest of those red achievements into green.






Max Total Level  COMPLETE ✔

~~February 4~~

It took a big longer than expected, but we finally finished part 1:

I'd guess it took about 12 days of playtime.... prayer was the worst skill, maybe save for agility. I planned on going to hydra after getting a blowpipe from Zulrah, but ultimately that wasn't in the cards. So instead I mostly farmed dragon imps as my source of bones. Got pretty lucky at the Wilderness Altar, only had a few deaths and those that killed me were nice enough to leave my bones alone. Thanks guys.

Had some great RNG at Thermo and Kraken (pic is from a single task), but ended up dropping all my items in order to prep for the next part of this progression.



Coming up next: PART 2 - LAND OF THE DEAD!


~~January 11~~

6xG3iQu.png  HeZOEuD.png 

Finally got a solid weekend of grinding in during bonus XP, so I was able to finish off several skills. Now all I have left is combat+slayer and herb+farming until max. I snagged a Rocky pet (my first pet: 1/45) while thieving to fund my herblore secondaries; I decided to build the Nature house in my POH to start storing my pet collection.




~~January 7 (2021)~~

Mow4gpI.png   zX35vOa.png   e69QEcB.png

I spent most of my time getting some big levels in farm/herb so that I can really start on the slayer grind for the upcoming bxp weekend. Seed vault is a godsend for UIM, and although I haven't tested out the herb sack yet, I hear good things about it too. I almost got 99 hunt/99 fish at Aerial, but burnt myself too fast... still got a Fish Sack out of it! This weekend I'll grind out slayer, while unlocking Broads and collecting pure ess to get to 77 runecrafting.


~~December 17~~

zutTMKW.png       opZ3ZOu.png

Got some tough skills out of the way, such as construction and crafting... not trying to go back to Charters any time soon. My graceful storage in the POH is coming together quite nicely, hopefully I'll be able to do most of post-99 agility training at Hallowed Sepulchre (if it gets released).  Been putting off the herblore/farming/hunter grind, so hopefully that's the next step.


~~December 7~~

sSv0RWY.png      ntehrlG.png

Mainly screwed around on release, trying out a bunch of different content and getting used to where things are. Wanted to rush construction for access to the armor case, but didn't realize that mahogany planks are a massive M O N E Y S I N K.  Real nice to have for my void and skilling outfits there, though. Next up I'll probably finish off some skilling grinds like fishing/cooking/runecrafting.



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Man you've been chugging along really well, super nice progress my guy.
Impressed with the construction, that would bankrupt me for a long time.
Keep it up and keep the progress updates coming please 😎

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