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#Liths Clearing out #EF


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Awesome to already see so much action in the Wilderness. Enjoyable video, looking forward to hopefully seeing more from you! Thank-you for sharing.

1 hour ago, Vcx said:

Haha, i would've never imagined seeing clans fighting it out like this on private servers. Oh how the times have changed. Cool vid

Clans have always fought and had large wars throughout the RuneScape Private Server scene. You just do not see them as often now due to not many RuneScape Private Servers putting their combat and/or PvP/Wilderness as one of their priorities. This is only the commencement for Zaros, I am certain clan wars will be much larger than what you see in the video posted in the future. 


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1ixfs2F.png Wikia#3622

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