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MrEtho Service Thread [OPEN]


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Hello everyone, I'm MrEtho and I've been doing services for RSPS community for couple of years. Although I'm new to Zaros RSPS, I was part of a different community before I started playing OSRS and eventually migrating myself here. Now, you're probably wondering; "Why should I trust this random person with my account?" Well, first of all, I am a hardcore skiller and love to do skilling type services. I feel like a lot of people dislike skilling as it feels boring, well, I'm wierd and I love skilling. I can do any skilling task you require me to do, for a price of course! Now, second thing you're probably wondering is; "Should I trust this guy with my bank"? Well, for that tought, I really don't care what you have in your bank as long as you have nessesary items for the service to be completed, I understand you can't trust a stranger on the internet, so just move your items to your alt account, which has different password (of course, when you do a service, you should give me a different password altogether, which we can agree upon). As long as you have items for the service you request me to do, I can complete the service, I really don't need your bandos set or party hat for fishing or cooking. 

NB! Only account that I'll contact you with is MrEtho. If you get PM from someone else, it is not me.


At this moment, I do not have set price for something as the server is new and prices fluctuate daily at the moment. However, at the moment I'm charging 2 million GP per hour. 

I would also like to add that I only do skilling services, such as 99 or 200m xp and do not PvM. This might change in the future. Also, prices might change. Eventually, I'll have a price per xp set up. But as I said, the server is new, so it's quite hard to set up a price. If the service request is huge, I might ask to do the service in sections. So if someone wants 200m agility, I might ask payment after every 20m XP completed. 

How will this work? You'll use the format below to request a service by replying to this thread. I then PM you either in game with (MrEtho) or on forums (this forum account). We'll go over finer details and then I'll request you to move your items over to your alt account, to avoid you having to worry about me taking your items. Once everything is setup, I'll hop on your account and start doing the service you request. 




In-game name:
Service needed:
How much are you willing to pay:
Extra Information:















15 minutes ago, Nyte said:

+rep, known him for a long time, very legitimate dude.


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