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Zaros Updates [08/12/2020]


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  • Developer

Hello everyone. 

We've been at hard work going through all the bug reports that have been coming in since the release. We'd like to thank everyone who has taken their time to report problems they find, as it allows us to make Zaros a better game.

Now, let's get on with today's updates!¬†ūüėÄ


Content Additions & Changes

4VRzq8a.png Trading Post:

LXGMWus.png Now enabled on all worlds.

4VRzq8a.png Quest Tab:

LXGMWus.png Now shows the total playercount (combined on all worlds). Hover to see the playercount on individual worlds.

LXGMWus.png Added Wilderness info section -

wl7yW2D.png Moved down pk hotspot / other wildy-related information to it.

wl7yW2D.png Added Galvek spawn timer.

4VRzq8a.png Blast Furnace:

LXGMWus.png Fixed an issue where noted bars could not be taken out of the dispenser.

LXGMWus.png  Increased prices of ores within the Keldagrim Ore Shop.

LXGMWus.png  Decreased the restock speed of the Keldagrim Ore Shop.

4VRzq8a.png Wintertodt:

LXGMWus.png Buffed the amount of firemaking experienced received from a Wintertodt round.

LXGMWus.png  The cold in Wintertodt no longer cancels Woodcutting.

4VRzq8a.png Rogues Den Wall Safes:

LXGMWus.png Reworked loot tables to closer match OSRS.

LXGMWus.png Coins received from the wall safes now use the coin pouch mechanic and give an amount similar (slightly increased) to the beginner stall at home.

LXGMWus.png  The drop table is now searchable and also can be seen through the "examine" option of each safe.

LXGMWus.png Super+ Donators have a chance to obtain a bag full of gems on each successful crack of the safe. You can see the rate for this on the drop table viewer if you have a sufficient donator rank.

4VRzq8a.png Barrows Armour:

LXGMWus.png Reduced the default repair cost of barrows armour by 50%.

LXGMWus.png The armour stand will now repair fully broken barrows pieces and will also give you an additional discount of up to 50% depending on your smithing level.

4VRzq8a.png  Tip Jars have now been added to player-owned houses. Ironmen cannot receive the tips, but can still donate to other non-ironmen.

4VRzq8a.png  Tears of Guthix now adds experience to the lowest non-combat skill.

4VRzq8a.png When pickpocketing with full rogues and receiving an additional coin pouch, it will automatically be opened.

4VRzq8a.png  Barrows brothers can no longer be safe-spotted by luring them behind each other.

4VRzq8a.png General Graardor can now only attack when in melee distance.

4VRzq8a.png Damaged books now count as godly items in the Godwars dungeon.

4VRzq8a.png Green dragons can no longer be assigned by Vannaka.

4VRzq8a.png  Baby green dragons now count as Green dragons for tasks, they drop babydragon bones and no longer use fire breath.

4VRzq8a.png  The trade decline message will now always be sent, no matter how the interface was closed. The message is now also red.

4VRzq8a.png  Lowered Ava's accumulator price from 50k to 7k in the range shop.

4VRzq8a.png  Recoils and Phoenix necklaces are now noted in the jewellery shop.

4VRzq8a.png  Volcanic ash, crystal armour seeds, and crystal tool seeds are now tradeable. 

4VRzq8a.png  Added reindeer hat & easter ring to Mystery box loot.

4VRzq8a.png  Mystery Boxes can now be searched for on the trading post.

4VRzq8a.png  Jukat has been added in Zanaris, he sells Dragon daggers and longswords.

4VRzq8a.png  Thieving stalls and pickpocketable NPC's can now be examined to view their drop tables. They can also be searched for in the drop table viewer.


Bug Fixes:

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue with the Dark bow special attack where it would sometimes hit below the minimum damage.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue with the Dwarf multi cannon where it would sometimes disappear when logging out.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where ring of wealth was not picking up numulites.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed Carpenter's shirt appearance.

uzNfJGW.png Shops can now hold more items, fixing the bug where the Raw karambwanji would not show in the tool store.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where kraken and it's tentacles were not killable on a boss task.

uzNfJGW.png Graceful now correctly registers in the collection log when bought.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where flax would block pathing when despawned.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where ranged experience did not give the proper amount compared to the other combat skills.

uzNfJGW.png Superglass make spell now gives crafting experience for every Bucket of sand used.

uzNfJGW.png Plank make lunar spell now correctly deletes runes.

uzNfJGW.png Skotizo no longer becomes unkillable when getting low on health and 1-3 altars are active.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where arclight would lose charges in PvM death (still loses charges in PvP related deaths).

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where marble gargoyles were unkillable.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where birds nests could not be crushed when your inventory is full.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where dark beasts were assigned to the catacombs of kourend.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where pyrefiends required a slayer level of 90 to kill.

uzNfJGW.png Ring of dueling equipment tab options should now work properly.

uzNfJGW.png Binding Necklace should now work as intended.

uzNfJGW.png A warning will now pop-up if you do not have the 'Ash Covered Tome' unlocked, and try to fertile soil to create ultracompost.

uzNfJGW.png Digging up a tree produced with farming will now give you roots, and a QOL update has been applied to make those roots noted.

uzNfJGW.png Railing Shortcut at the Tree Gnome Village should now work as intended.

uzNfJGW.png A problem with using compost on an already fully grown patch has been resolved.

uzNfJGW.png Emotes can no longer be used in a duel.

uzNfJGW.png New players will no longer be able to trade items for their first 30 minutes of gameplay.

uzNfJGW.png Teak trees in PRifddinas are now able to be cut down.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue with the trading post achievement for selling items not working correctly.

uzNfJGW.png Fixed an issue where crystal weapons would degrade from being hit by other NPC's.

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Nice to see that the Updates section has conclusively commenced being used. Great list of updates and fixes, splendid work done from the whole development team. 

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Best Regards,

1ixfs2F.png Wikia#3622

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Very nice updates but as stated by @Locked would be alot more better if the updates was typed out instead of in a picture format.

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