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Add icons for members on forums.


As you can see Oaky has the Developer Icon.

Would be a good addition for members to have their game mode as an icon, along with the donator status of the account etc.

Also notices that Staff do not have these icons either for 'Server Moderator'

Think it would be a good addition for forums.

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The website and game may currently not be thoroughly integrated. I have descried that the incipiently promoted game moderators have yet to be ranked via the forum, so certain things seem to done manually at the moment. I am certain this will come in due time, the game is currently a much higher priority.

1 hour ago, Vcx said:

Yeah and maybe add different titles aswell which you can get upon completing certain tasks. Something like: Maxed stats, 1k+ certain boss kills, top 100 hiscore ranks when it will be added, etc ... 

There will be forum awards/medals for this kind. 

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