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Highlighted ground item lists

Metal Raimon

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Unsure where else to post this but guides. Feel free to move to a more appropriate section if needed. 

For those of you that don't know, zaros has a ton of runelite features implemented. The one I'll be linking to is the ground floor items.
This feature allows items on the floor to be displayed by text above it indicating the item + amount there. 
You can add items to your "highlighted" and "blocked" list in order to make it show up in a specific colour, or to not show up at all. 

Open your runelite settings then search for "ground".

Click the little cog next to the on/off switch to open the full settings. 
I basically took some common lists from OSRS and edited it a bit to only show up the valuable and untradable items you'd most likely want to display on Zaros. 
Basically anything with a value over a million, or a drop you'd not want to miss on the floor (ancient shards, totem pieces, slayer caskets etc).

Here are all the items for the "highlighted" part:


dragon boots, Ancient shard, Abyssal head, Abyssal whip, Amulet of fury, Armadyl chestplate, Armadyl crossbow, Armadyl godsword, Armadyl helmet, Armadyl hilt, Armadyl chainskirt, Bandos boots, Bandos chestplate, Bandos godsword, Bandos hilt, Bandos tassets, Berserker ring, Dark totem base, Dark totem middle, Dark totem top, Dark Bow, Draconic visage, Dragon 2h sword, Dragon axe, Dragon chainbody, Dragon pickaxe, Dragonfire shield, Godsword shard 1, Godsword shard 2, Godsword shard 3, Kq head, Kbd heads, Kraken tentacle, Mages book, Malediction shard 1, Malediction shard 2, Malediction shard 3, Malediction ward, Obsidian cape, Occult necklace, Odium shard 1, Odium shard 2, Odium shard 3, Odium ward, Onyx, Onyx amulet, Onyx bracelet, Onyx necklace, Onyx ring, Saradomin godsword, Saradomin hilt, Saradomin sword, unchargged trident, black mask, seers ring, archers ring, Smoke battlestaff, Staff of the dead, Zamorak godsword, Zamorak hilt, Zamorakian hasta, Zamorakian spear, Tanzanite fang, Magic fang, Serpentine visage, Tanzanite mutagen, Magma mutagen, Toxic blowpipe (empty), Toxic staff (uncharged), Uncharged toxic trident, Serpentine helm (uncharged), Jar of dirt, Jar of sand, Jar of swap, Jar of souls, Jar of miasma, Jar of darkness, Primordial crystal, Pegasian crystal, Eternal crystal, Smouldering stone, Unsired, Abyssal dagger, Abyssal bludgeon, Spectral sigil, Spectral spirit shield, Arcane sigil, Arcane spirit shield, Elysian sigil, Elysian spirit shield, Spirit shield, Holy elixir, Blessed spirit shield, Mist battlestaff, Dust battlestaff, Imbued heart, Dragon sword, Dragon claws, Dragon hunter crossbow, Elder maul, Kodai wand, Twisted bow, Twisted buckler, Ancestral hat, Ancestral robe top, Ancestral robe bottom, Dinh's bulwark, Prayer scroll, slayer casket,

Here are the items you could put on your block list:


Abyssal bracelet, Acorn, Adamant 2h sword, Adamant arrow, Adamant arrow(p++), Adamant arrowtips, Adamant axe, Adamant battleaxe, Adamant bolts, Adamant boots, Adamant chainbody, Adamant claws, Adamant crossbow, Adamant dagger, Adamant dart, Adamant full helm, Adamant halberd, Adamant hasta, Adamant javelin, Adamant kiteshield, Adamant knife, Adamant limbs, Adamant longsword, Adamant mace, Adamant med helm, Adamant nails, Adamant pickaxe, Adamant platebody, Adamant platelegs, Adamant plateskirt, Adamant scimitar, Adamant spear, Adamant sq shield, Adamant sword, Adamant thrownaxe, Adamant warhammer, Adamant bar, Adamant ore, Agility potion(1), Agility potion(2), Agility potion(3), Agility potion(4), Air orb, Air rune, Air talisman, Air tiara, Ammo mould, Amulet mould, Amulet of accuracy, Amulet of defence, Amulet of magic, Amulet of nature, Amulet of power, Amulet of strength, Amylase crystal, Anchovies, Anchovy pizza, Ancient mace, Antifire potion(1), Antifire potion(2), Antifire potion(3), Antifire potion(4), Anti-dragon shield, Antidote+(1), Antidote+(2), Antidote+(3), Antidote+(4), Antidote++(1), Antidote++(2), Antidote++(3), Antidote++(4), Antipoison(1), Antipoison(2), Antipoison(3), Antipoison(4), Apple tree seed, Apprentice wand, Arrow shaft, Asgarnian seed, Ashes, Astral rune, Asyn remains, Attack potion(1), Attack potion(2), Attack potion(3), Attack potion(4), Avantoe seed, Babydragon bones, Bag of salt, Bailing bucket, Baked potato, Ball of wool, Banana, Banana tree seed, Barbed bolts, Barb-tail harpoon, Bark, Barley seed, Basket, Bass, Bat bones, Bear Fur, Beer, Beer glass, Beginner wand, Belladonna seed, Big bones, Big fishing net, Binding necklace, Bird snare, Black 2h sword, Black axe, Black battleaxe, Black boots, Black chainbody, Black claws, Black dragon leather, Black dagger, Black dart, Black full helm, Black halberd, Black kiteshield, Black knife, Black longsword, Black mace, Black med helm, Black nails, Black pickaxe, Black platebody, Black platelegs, Black plateskirt, Black scimitar, Black spear, Black spiky vambs, Black sq shield, Black sword, Black warhammer, Blood rune, Blue dragon leather, Blue dragon scale, Blue dye, Blue egg, Blue feather, Blue hat, Blue skirt, Body rune, Body talisman, Body tiara, Bolt mould, Bolt of cloth, Bone bolts, Bone club, Bone dagger, Bone spear, Bones, Bolt rack, Bow string, Bowl, Bowl of water, Box trap, Bracelet mould, Bracelet of clay, Brass necklace, Bread, Broad arrows, Broad bolts, Bronze 2h sword, Bronze arrow, Bronze arrowtips, Bronze axe, Bronze bar, Bronze battleaxe, Bronze bolts, Bronze boots, Bronze chainbody, Bronze claws, Bronze crossbow, Bronze dagger, Bronze dart, Bronze full helm, Bronze halberd, Bronze hasta, Bronze javelin, Bronze kiteshield, Bronze knife, Bronze limbs, Bronze longsword, Bronze mace, Bronze med helm, Bronze nails, Bronze pickaxe, Bronze platebody, Bronze platelegs, Bronze plateskirt, Bronze scimitar, Bronze spear, Bronze sq shield, Bronze sword, Bronze thrownaxe, Bronze warhammer, Bronze wire, Brown apron, Brown feather, Bucket, Bucket of milk, Bucket of sand, Bucket of sap, Bucket of slime, Bucket of water, Bucket of wax, Bullseye lantern, Burnt bones, Burnt bread, Burnt cake, Burnt lava eel, Burnt chicken, Burnt curry, Burnt eel, Burnt egg, Burnt shrimp, Burnt fish, Burnt cave eel, Burnt rainbow fish, Burnt lobster, Burnt swordfish, Burnt karambwan, Burnt monkfish, Burnt shark, Burnt sea turtle, Burnt manta ray, Burnt pie, Burnt pizza, Burnt meat, Burnt rabbit, Burnt bird meat, Burnt snail, Burnt spider, Burnt jubbly, Burnt oomlie, Burnt oomlie wrap, Burnt onion, Burnt mushroom, Burnt stew, Burnt potato, Burnt sweetcorn, Burnt gnomebowl, Butterfly jar, Butterfly net, Cabbage, Cabbage seed, Cactus seed, Cactus spine, Cadantine seed, Cadavaberry seed, Cake, Cake tin, Calquat fruit, Calquat tree seed, Candle, Candle lantern, Cannonball, Casket, Cave eel, Cave goblin wire, Caviar, Chaos rune, Chaos talisman, Chaos tiara, Charcoal, Cheese, Chilli potato, Chisel, Chocolate bar, Chocolate cake, Chocolate dust, Circular hide, Clay, Climbing boots, Clockwork, Coal, Cocktail glass, Cocktail shaker, Coconut, Coconut milk, Cod, Coif, Coins, Combat potion(1), Combat potion(2), Combat potion(3), Combat potion(4), Compost, Compost potion(1), Compost potion(2), Compost potion(3), Compost potion(4), Cooked chicken, Cooked meat, Cooking apple, Copper ore, Cosmic rune, Cosmic talisman, Cosmic tiara, Cowhide, Crossbow, Crossbow string, Crushed gemstone, Cup of tea, Curry, Curry leaf, Curry tree seed, Dagannoth hide, Dark kebbit fur, Dashing kebbit fur, Death rune, Defence potion(1), Defence potion(2), Defence potion(3), Defence potion(4), Desert boots, Desert goat horn, Desert robe, Desert shirt, Diamond amulet, Diamond bolt tips, Diamond bolts, Diamond bolts (e), Diamond bracelet, Diamond necklace, Diamond ring, Dorgeshuun crossbow, Dragon scale dust, Dust rune, Dwarf weed seed, Dwellberries, Dwellberry seed, Earmuffs, Earth orb, Earth rune, Earth talisman, Earth tiara, Edible seaweed, Egg, Elemental shield, Emerald bolt tips, Emerald bolts, Emerald bolts (e), Empty cup, Empty sack, Empty spice shaker, Enchanted gem, Energy potion(1), Energy potion(2), Energy potion(3), Energy potion(4), Eye of newt, Eye patch, Face mask, Feather, Feldip weasel fur, Fez, Fire orb, Fire rune, Fire talisman, Fire tiara, Fish offcuts, Fishing bait, Fishing potion(1), Fishing potion(2), Fishing potion(3), Fishing potion(4), Fishing rod, Flax, Fly fishing rod, Frog-leather body, Frog-leather chaps, Frog-leather boots, Fungicide, Fungicide spray, Games necklace, Garlic, Glassblowing pipe, Gnome spice, Goblin mail, Gold bar, Gold ore, Gold seal, Golden scarab, Golden statuette, Granite (2kg), Granite (5kg), Granite (500kg), Graahk fur, Grain, Grapes, Grape seed, Green dragon leather, Green dye, Green egg, Grey wolf fur, Grimy guam leaf, Grimy marrentill, Marrentill seed, Grimy tarromin, Grimy harralander, Guam seed, Guam tar, Guthix rest, Ham cloak, Ham hood, Ham logo, Ham robe, Ham shirt, Hammer, Hammerstone hops, Hammerstone seed, Hard leather, Harpoon, Harralander seed, Harralander tar, Headless arrow, Herring, Holy mould, Holy symbol, Hunter potion(1), Hunter potion(2), Hunter potion(3), Hunter potion(4), Ice cooler, Impling jar, Insulated boots, Irit seed, Iron 2h sword, Iron arrow, Iron arrowtips, Iron axe, Iron bar, Iron battleaxe, Iron bolts, Iron boots, Iron chainbody, Iron claws, Iron crossbow, Iron dagger, Iron dart, Iron full helm, Iron halberd, Iron hasta, Iron javelin, Iron kiteshield, Iron knife, Iron limbs, Iron longsword, Iron mace, Iron med helm, Iron nails, Iron ore, Iron pickaxe, Iron platebody, Iron platelegs, Iron plateskirt, Iron scimitar, Iron spear, Iron sq shield, Iron sword, Iron thrownaxe, Iron Warhammer, Jade bolt tips, Jade bolts, Jade bolts (e), Jade machete, Jangerberries, Jangerberry seed, Jug, Jug of wine, Jute seed, Jute fibre, Kebab, Kebbit teeth, Kebbit claws, Kebbit spike, Kebbit bolts, King worm, Knife, Krandorian hops, Krandorian seed, Kwuarm seed, Kyatt fur, Lantadyme seed, Lantern lens, Larupia fur, Lava eel, Lava rune, Law rune, Law talisman, Law tiara, Leaping salmon, Leaping sturgeon, Leaping trout, Leather, Leather body, Leather boots, Leather chaps, Leather cowl, Leather gloves, Leather vambraces, Lemon, Lime, Limestone, Limestone brick, Limpwurt root, Limpwurt seed, Lit bug lantern, Loar remains, Lobster, Lobster pot, Lockpick, Logs, Machete, Mackerel, Magic potion(1), Magic potion(2), Magic potion(3), Magic potion(4), Magic shortbow, Magic staff, Mahogany logs, Mahogany plank, Manta ray, Maple logs, Maple seed, Marigold seed, Marrentil seed, Meat pie, Meat pizza, Mind rune, Mind talisman, Mind tiara, Mind shield, Mining helmet, Mist rune, Mithril 2h sword, Mithril arrow, Mithril arrowtips, Mithril axe, Mithril bar, Mithril battleaxe, Mithril bolts, Mithril boots, Mithril chainbody, Mithril claws, Mithril crossbow, Mithril dagger, Mithril dart, Mithril full helm, Mithril halberd, Mithril hasta, Mithril javelin, Mithril kiteshield, Mithril knife, Mithril limbs, Mithril longsword, Mithril mace, Mithril med helm, Mithril nails, Mithril ore, Mithril pickaxe, Mithril platebody, Mithril platelegs, Mithril plateskirt, Mithril scimitar, Mithril seeds, Mithril spear, Mithril square shield, Mithril sword, Mithril thrownaxe, Mithril Warhammer, Molten glass, Monkey bones, Monkfish, Mort myre fungus, Mud rune, Mushroom, Mushroom spore, Nail beast nails, Nasturtiums, Nasturtium seed, Nature rune, Nature talisman, Nature tiara, Necklace mould, Needle, Newspaper, Noose wand, Nose peg, Oak logs, Oak plank, Opal, Opal bolt tips, Opal bolts, Opal bolts (e), Onion, Orange, Orange dye, Orange feather, Orange tree seed, Onion seed, Oyster, Papaya fruit, Papyrus, Pat of butter, Pearl bolt tips, Pearl bolts (e), Pearl bolts, Pestle and mortar, Phoenix necklace, Phrin remains, Pie dish, Pike, Pineapple, Pineapple pizza, Pineapple seed, Pink dye, Pink skirt, Pizza base, Plain pizza, Plank, Plant cure, Plant pot, Poison ivy berries, Poison ivy seed, Pot, Pot lid, Pot of cream, Pot of flour, Potato, Potato cactus, Polar kebbit fur, Potato seed, Potato with butter, Potato with cheese, Pottery scarab, Pottery statuette, Prayer potion(1), Prayer potion(2), Prayer potion(3), Prayer potion(4), Pure essence, Purple dye, Purple sweets, Pyramid top, Queen help book, Rabbit snare, Rainbow fish, Rake, Ranging potion(1), Ranging potion(2), Ranging potion(3), Ranging potion(4), Raw anchovies, Raw bass, Raw bear meat, Raw beast meat, Raw beef, Raw bird meat, Raw cave eel, Raw chicken, Raw chompy, Raw cod, Raw karambwan, Raw herring, Raw lava eel, Raw lobster, Raw mackerel, Raw manta ray, Raw monkfish, Raw pike, Raw rabbit, Raw rainbow fish, Raw rat meat, Raw salmon, Raw sardine, Raw sea turtle, Raw shark, Raw shrimps, Raw swordfish, Raw trout, Raw tuna, Raw yak meat, Red bead, Red dye, Red egg, Red dragon leather, Red feather, Redberries, Redberry pie, Redberry seed, Restore potion(1), Restore potion(2), Restore potion(3), Restore potion(4), Ring mould, Ring of life, Rock hammer, Rock-shell helm, Rock-shell plate, Rock-shell legs, Rock-shell gloves, Rock-shell boots, Rock-shell chunk, Rock-shell shard, Rock-shell splinter, Rope, Rosemary, Rosemary seed, Rotten tomato, Ruby amulet, Ruby bolts, Ruby bolt tips, Ruby bolts (e), Ruby bracelet, Ruby necklace, Ruby ring, Rune essence, Rune dart, Rune javelin, Rune knife, Rune arrow, Rune arrowtips, Rune nails, Rune spear, Rune thrownaxe, Runite bolts, Salmon, Sandstone (1kg), Sandstone (2kg), Sandstone (5kg), Sandstone (10kg), Sapphire amulet, Sapphire bolt tips, Sapphire bolts, Sapphire bolts (e), Sapphire bracelet, Sapphire necklace, Sapphire ring, Saradomin brew(1), Saradomin brew(2), Saradomin brew(3), Saradomin brew(4), Sardine, Saw, Sawdust, Sea turtle, Seaweed, Secateurs, Security book, Seed dibber, Shantay pass, Shark, Shears, Shrimps, Sickle mould, Silk, Silver bar, Silver bolts, Silver ore, Silver sickle, Sinew, Skeletal boots, Skeletal bottoms, Skeletal gloves, Skeletal helm, Skeletal top, Skull, Slayer bell, Slayer boots, Slayer gloves, Slimey eel, Small crystal seed, Small fishing net, Smoke rune, Snail shell, Snake hide, Snakeskin, Snakeskin bandana, Snakeskin body, Snakeskin boots, Snakeskin chaps, Snakeskin vambraces, Snape grass, Soda ash, Soft clay, Soul rune, Spade, Spice, Spinach roll, Spined body, Spined boots, Spined chaps, Spined gloves, Spined helm, Spiny helmet, Spotted cape, Spotted kebbit fur, Spottier cape, Staff, Staff of air, Staff of earth, Staff of fire, Staff of water, Stamina potion(1), Stamina potion(2), Stamina potion(3), Stamina potion(4), Steam rune, Steel 2h sword, Steel arrow, Steel arrowtips, Steel axe, Steel bar, Steel battleaxe, Steel bolts, Steel boots, Steel chainbody, Steel claws, Steel crossbow, Steel dagger, Steel dart, Steel full helm, Steel halberd, Steel javelin, Steel kiteshield, Steel knife, Steel limbs, Steel longsword, Steel mace, Steel med helm, Steel nails, Steel pickaxe, Steel platebody, Steel platelegs, Steel plateskirt, Steel scimitar, Steel spear, Steel sq shield, Steel studs, Steel sword, Steel thrownaxe, Steel warhammer, Stew, Stone scarab, Stone seal, Stone statuette, Strange fruit, Strawberry, Strawberry seed, Strength potion(1), Strength potion(2), Strength potion(3), Strength potion(4), Stripy feather, Studded body, Studded chaps, Summer pie, Super attack(1), Super attack(2), Super attack(3), Super attack(4), Super compost, Super defence(1), Super defence(2), Super defence(3), Super defence(4), Super energy(1), Super energy(2), Super energy(3), Super energy(4), Super restore(1), Super restore(2), Super restore(3), Super restore(4), Super strength(1), Super strength(2), Super strength(3), Super strength(4), Superantipoison(1), Superantipoison(2), Superantipoison(3), Superantipoison(4), Super combat potion(1), Super combat potion(2), Super combat potion(3), Super combat potion(4), Suqah hide, Suqah leather, Suqah tooth, Swamp paste, Swamp tar, Swamp weed, Sweetcorn, Sweetcorn seed, Swordfish, Tankard, Tarromin seed, Tarromin tar, Teak logs, Teak plank, Teasing stick, Thread, Tiara, Tile, Toadflax seed, Tinderbox, Tin ore, Tofu, Tomato, Tomato seed, Torch, Triangle sandwich, Trout, Tuna, Tuna potato, Tyras helm, Unholy mould, Unholy symbol, Unicorn horn, Unpowered orb, Vampire dust, Vial, Vial of water, Water orb, Water rune, Water talisman, Water tiara, Watering can, Watermelon, Watermelon seed, Waterskin(0), Waterskin(1), Waterskin(2), Waterskin(3), Waterskin(4), Weapon poison, Weapon poison(p+), Weeds, White apron, White bead, Whiteberry seed, White berries, Wild pie, Wildblood hops, Wildblood seed, Willow logs, Willow seed, Wine of Zamorak, Witchwood icon, Wizard hat, Wizard robe, Woad leaf, Woad seed, Wolf bone, Wooden shield, Wool, Yak-hide, Yanillian hops, Yanillian seed, Yellow bead, Yellow dye, Yew logs, Zamorak brew(1), Zamorak brew(2), Zamorak brew(3), Zamorak brew(4), Extended antifire (1), Extended antifire (2), Extended antifire (3), Extended antifire (4), Anti-venom(1), Anti-venom(2), Anti-venom(3), Anti-venom(4), Anti-venom+(1), Anti-venom+(2), Anti-venom+(3), Anti-venom+(4), Raw anglerfish, Anglerfish, chef's hat, slayer's staff, monk's robe top, red spiders' eggs, monk's robe, hunters' crossbow,

- Main reason I made this post is since it apparently resets this on big updates where you have to reload the client. Some easy copy/paste QOL ?

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