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Antidote++ for Anti-venom / Anti-venom+


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Please ADD coconut milk and magic roots to the herblore shop. Anti-dote++'s should not be trapped behind a magic seed, blood money or drops. I can't even make a anti-venom+ because there's no magic roots or coconut milk.

At the moment, if you want to make these proficiently, you'll need 99 farming to get the maximum amount of magic roots. Only a few select people have that. However, there's another alternative to getting these. And that is through blood money. You can buy 10 of them, for 20 blood money, which ends up being around 400k given the current prices. You can make legit every other potion besides these. I don't care if we have to farm the irits, but at least add the supplies to the shop. It doesn't make any sense to me at all, that these weren't in the shop initially. 

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