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Add bigger scroll options w slightly leveraged benefits, $200 scroll has a leverage of .175% which works out to be something like 16.8M with current market ratios.

$600 $800 $1000 scrolls with maybe a upgraded mystery box that has a higher probability of a decent item.

Add premium titles other than donation ranks, potentially titles that are 'limited' to increase over-all revenue that wouldn't directly impact the economy. 

Completed Hard caskets, 75 tokens each, capped 14 per week per mac/ip.

Completed Elite caskets, 125 tokens each, capped 14 per week per mac/ip.

Mithril seeds or mithril seeds that aren't consumed but it degrades over 1-7 days. only useable in specific areas


Keeping an eye on Wall Street Bets with Google's clever tricks | by Nick  Child | Medium

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