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Player Own Store Guide


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Hey Zaros, Diamond back with another guide!

This Guide will be explaining how the POS Works if anyone is struggling with it.


What is the POS?

The POS is a place where you buy/sell your items. Players can leave their items in there own stores for people to browse and take a look at.

-Players can set their own prices as they choose. 


Where is the POS Located?

The POS is located at Edgeville and is the building West of Edgeville Bank




When you're using the POS you will find two NPCS called ' Trading Post Clerk'

These are the NPCS you will interact with to use the POS



Right Click Options:



When you right Click on the Clerks you will be presented with these options. 

'Open' will take you to the main screen (This will be in the next section)

'History' will show you all your Buys/Sells

'Sets' Allows you to unbox armour sets into the individual items






The Main Interface/Buying Items



This is the main interface, this is where you will do all your buying/selling

I will explain each section below



Player Look Up

This option is selected when you want to go into somebodies shop and search for a particular person.

For example you might want to look up the player 'Diamond' this would take you to my shop to see what I'm selling. 



Item Lookup

This option is selected when you know what item you want to buy.

It will come up with a list of prices from lowest to highest. It will show what players have this item and at what price.

For example: I'm looking for a whip.


As you can see I have searched for a whip.

I then click on the Whip Icon



1. It will then come up with this interface.

2. It shows the Quantity of how much a player has of that item

3. It has the price at which they're selling at.

4. It tells you the Seller Name

5. And also when they put the item up for sale. 

6. To buy you click on the item you want.

For example: I want to buy from 'Clutch' he has 12 Whips. It will ask me how many whips I want to buy:



Buying the items



Selling Items:



1. When it comes to selling an item, your inventory will flash yellow, and you just click on the item you wish to sell.

E.G I'm selling this Knife



After, I've clicked on the Knife I can adjust the price for players to see how much I've put it in for.

E.G I'm selling the Knife for 75GP. 




3. Then I confirm the offer


4. Now you can see that the Knife is in my Offers and can be seen by other players.



As you can see my 'Knife' is listed for 75gp. 





Where's my money?


Once a player purchases your item you will get a notification in your chatbox.


If you miss the chat box the money you put the item in for will be in your Coffer as seen below.

Just click on the coffer to obtain your gold!


Hope this guide helps,


Edited by Diamond

⚒️Beta Tester⚒️

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