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We are currently looking for people who are willing to test out content on Zaros before we launch, this is to ensure that content is smooth once we're online. Progress from the beta will be completely wiped when the game launches properly.

If you are interested in participating and helping us with the beta then be sure to post an application in this section, make sure you use the format found in this thread when you are making your application.


Do not worry if your application isn't immediately accepted, we will be accepting more over time. Sometimes we may look for people who specialise in something such as PVP or PVM to help with specific things we're in need of, other times we will be happy to accept people who are just general players and are willing to help with everything. Basically, keep checking your app as we'll continually keep adding more people to the beta, the closer we get to launch to more & more people we can allow on.

Kind regards,
Zaros Development Team. 


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