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Discord username:



Do you have any experience when it comes to bug-testing:

i have been testing couple of games and rn testing couple rsps finding bugs


How knowledgeable would you say you are when it comes to Runescape/Oldschool Runescape:

Maxed rs3 and playing osrs rn on ironman


Runescape username & total level:

osrs iron rsn : Dc Trust / 1900 total


How do you feel you'd be useful in testing Zaros: 

i like helping with challenging stuff to make it not buggy and finding bugs that needs to be fixed


How many hours do you plan on spending per week on average testing:

i play games almost all my free time mostly 6 hrs up to 12 hrs a day so i would say prob couple hours a day when im having fun testing things it can be higher

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